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Stop The Pigeon offers expert solutions for residential and commercial properties covering from Nottingham to Southampton and from Margate to Swindon or Approximately 150 mile radius of London

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Why Have Pigeons Chosen To Nest Under My Solar Panels

How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels
There are a number of reasons that pigeons may have taken a liking to nesting under your solar panels.
Wildlife habitat is changing all the time and wildlife are always looking out for new places to call home.
As more and more trees are cut down and and more and more housing is built, it leaves wildlife and pigeons in particular nowhere else to go other than to try to find sanctuary in more suburban areas.

Solar Panels are the perfect environment for pigeons to nest under. Solar Panels are generally 4-6 inches from your roof and perfect for pigeons to multiply. The birds are sheltered from the elements, and your pitched roof keeps the nests dry.

Pigeons are also not like other birds that breed once or twice a year, they breed all year round. Producing 2 young at a time.
Once you have pigeons nesting under your solar panels, they wont just leave when their young are ready to leave the nest. They make their home there. Pigeons multiply at an alarming rate and once one pair have started nesting they will attract other pigeons and very soon you may find 20 or more Pigeons on your roof.

Should I be Worried About Birds Nesting Under My Solar Panels.

The first thing you will probably notice when pigeons start nesting under your solar panels are their droppings. Pigeon guano as its normally referred to, will soon start to appear on your driveway, patio and side paths. once you notice this the chances are you already have Pigeons nesting under your panels. Pigeons start to make their nests around the wiring blocks underneath your panels and once they have the start of a nest they will then relieve themselves in their own nest as once the guano dries it becomes extremely hard and binds the nest together, and around your wires. The wire connectors that connect your panels are normally a male and female wire that clips together and once you have a number of birds nesting under your solar panels this can soon become a hazard.


Why Choose Us

Many Solar Panel installers have started to add bird guards to their installations and to be fair we have seen some good installations, but we have also come across some bird protection installs that are just not up to the job. From rolled up chicken wire to wood battening to surround the panels we’ve seen it all and as this is just an add on to solar installers its definitely not their main priority. What you have to ask yourself is, will it be their main priority if birds get back under your solar panel.

Stop The Pigeon specialise in bird proofing solar panel guards. At Stop The Pigeon we only fit Solar Panel Guards

Adding our bird protection guards to your solar panels, will add extra protection from all kinds of birds and nesting. Established in 2018 and rapidly growing from strength to strength, we have worked hard to build our reputation and pride ourselves on carrying out every project to the highest standards of both quality and safety. We hold full public liability insurance.

We appreciate that your time is precious, that’s why we guarantee to contact you with a fair quote within 24 hours of inspecting the works to be undertaken

And fitting using the correct material is paramount.

We fit using 12 gauge (2.5mm) (thickness) Galvanised steel and fit using non invasive clips, we never screw to panels as screwing to panels may invalidate any warranty you have.


Stop The Pigeon Will Supply And Fit A High Strength Galvanised Steel Cage To Completely Surround your Solar Panels.
We Use Specialist “NON INVASIVE” Clips (Screwing to Panels May Invalidate Your Solar Panel Warranty) To Clip The Cage To Your Panels.

We Give A 10 Year Guarantee To All Of Our Work

We Hold Full Public Liability Insurance.

With Prices Starting From As Little As £245.00 Fully Fitted
(all fully fitted prices are subject to roof access)
We’ve Got You Covered.
Covering South East of England, From Nottingham To Southampton/Portsmouth and From Margate to Swindon. Or Approximately 150 Mile Radius Of London
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